It is a time to show, how civilized we are, how sophisticated we are, not as an individual but a nation. Let us set a benchmark to show the upcoming next-generation that yes we had faced, fought and defeated the proliferate epidemic.

The economy of the World is in its exacerbated position. Let’s learn from Italy’s extemporaneous decisions. Let’s fight for not only to mark safe ourselves but for others and help the nation to stand again on its milieu. It is not a time to have fun, make memes and follow rumors. Go for authentic news, follow official persons to get accurate information and last but not least just google it.

There is an old saying that challenges always have opportunities, so why to waste that ample chance. Let’s learn from this pandemic, give time to the family, help others to protect their health, help those who need it.
If you think you have symptoms of COVID_19, for Allah’s sake go for quarantine until you get a negative report from any official institutions, please don’t be afraid of this. It is just for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Yes, this is a renaissance, it will give birth to the tranquil era. Let’s circumscribe our social gatherings, avoid unnecessary outings. Let’s obey governmental rules and decisions. Follow the preventive measures (washing hands regularly with soap, avoid touching mouth, nose & eyes, …etc).

Italy deaths soar
Italy coronavirus deaths surge by 793 in a day, lifting the country’s total toll to more than 4,800: follow live updates here


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