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Here are 4 tips from experts on how to protect your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

Here are tips

1)Fight fear with facts:

☆)Rumour, speculation and alarming headlines can increase anxiety levels.

☆)Get your updates on the virus from a trusted source like the World Health Organisation.

2) Be good to yourself and others:

☆)In difficult times it’s ok to feel stressed.

☆)So acknowledge these feelings and remind each other to look after our physical and mental health.

☆)Reassure friends and family who may be worried and keep in contact with people you know who are living alone.

3) Think about your mental health if you are self-isolating:

☆)Being cut off from loved ones can be upsetting and this could lead to problems like depression.

☆) So use tools to stay in touch with others.

☆) Create daily routines to give your days structure and be as active as you can.

4) Try to focus on positive news:

☆)It’s impossible to ignore the terrible loss of life caused by COVID-19.

☆)But it’s important to consider how many people are recovering, too

☆)Reframe your thoughts to include positives as well as negatives.

☆)This isn’t false optimism, it’s a realistic outlook that could help carry you through the coming weeks


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